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Steam on the Met imageThe concept of "Steam on the Met" began with a small-scale event to mark the centenary of the Chesham branch in 1989 and continued in most years for the next decade. In 1990 London Underground Ltd operated a program of steam trains between Harrow-on-the-Hill and Amersham over two weekends in July. This required at least two steam locos which took it in turns running from Amersham to Harrow and back. In 1992 the event moved to the end of May to allow 5 days' of operation, including the Bank Holiday Monday. 1995 saw a major change with the use of two 5-coach train sets and at least 3 steam locos shuttling between Amersham and Watford instead of Harrow. At the start of each day the sets were worked empty from Neasden depot to Harrow and thence as passenger trains running side-by-side on the four-track section as far as Watford South Junction. After the 2000 event the rolling-stock was deemed to be life-expired and the event was discontinued.

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  1. Update on liveries in the Colchester area on 13th August 2008
    As predicted, we are now in a period of mixed liveries on the London-Norwich service. At present there appears still to be only one complete passenger set but at least 3 locos in the full NXEA grey/white. All the rest of the stock has acquired the broad white stripe below the windows bearing the branding 'national express' at one end and 'East Anglia' at the other. There still seems to be shortage of NXEA Class 90 locos, as both 90035 and 90036, bearing different versions of EWS livery, were active in mid-August. So far only one 360 unit has the full livery but at least two have been seen with the white stripe etc. A number of 321 units have received the white stripe treatment in place of the former green stripe below the windows. Meanwhile the 170 units continue in 'one' slate grey complete with rainbow end panels.
  2. National Express E.A. replaces 'one' on 13th August 2008
    From February 27th 'one' Railway was re-branded as 'National Express East Anglia' (NXEA). Inevitably this heralds yet another change in livery, so soon after slate blue had become universal on the Norwich line rolling stock. For the launch a complete train set was turned out in grey and white, a combination likely to dazzle bystanders in sunny weather and look drearily dull under under leaden skies. A similarly attired 360 unit has been seen at work, but so far the 170 units remain unchanged. As far as the Norwich stock is concerned, an interim measure has been the removal of the rainbow end panels from most locos & vehicles, and the addition of a broad white stripe bearing the NXEA branding. Trains of mixed liveries are once again appearing.

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